Microbial Stress: from Molecules to Systems Print
Monday, 16 July 2012 08:07

Second meeting: May 10-13, 2012  Belgirate, Maggiore Lake, Italy

During May 10th - 13th Uldis Kalnenieks presented a poster on the results of the 4th activity of Latvian SysBio project (respiratory metabolism of Zymomonas mobilis) at the 2nd meeting on microbial stress, organized by the Microbial physiology section of the European Federation of Biotechnology. The meeting took place near lake Maggiore, in Belgirate, Italy. The scientific program of the meeting was excellent, providing a broad overview of the recent developments in stress physiology of microbes, with an emphasis on systems and synthetic biology approaches. The key reports and discussions were focused upon development of efficient, stress-tolerant and robust producer strains, as well as on unresolved problems of microbial growth under extreme conditions, substrate limitations, very low or very high specific growth rates, etc. Contacts were established between the Latvian SysBio group and the group of Prof. Hatzimanikatis (Lausanne, Switzerland), concerning methodology of genome-wide stoichiometric modelling of bacterial metabolism.

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