A software tool SpaceAnalyzer (SAnalyzer) is developed in Matlab environment for automatic generation of pathways. This tool can be used for the metabolic pathway supergraph construction using reactions taken from KEGG database.

SAnalyzer tool is a set of algorithms for metabolic pathways construction. SAnalyzer reads all necessary data from KEGG database REST web service and processes it in the real time. Algorithms are realized in M scripts that can be places on the local PC and launched from the Matlab command windows. The construction algorithm of possible metabolic pathways construction is independent software that can return nodes and edges of constructed graph. The tree construction proceeds recursively, beginning from the starting metabolite, i.e. initial substrate of the pathway of interest given by industrialist, as a root of a tree. We can call it “super graph” which contains all possible pathways from the input substrate for fixed levels count. Construction is performed based on the graph theory methods.