The Paint4Net was developed in MATLAB as script files. The Paint4Net and other necessary files can be downloaded from the list below. Paint4Net versioning consider two part notation, where the first part represent important new functionality and the second part represent some small changes and improvements of already existing functionality. Paint4Net versioning starts from version 1.0.

Latest version

Release date 03.10.2012.

  • A new optional input argument save added for automatic iterative visualization saving as jpeg files.
  • A new optional input argument closev added for automatic iterative closing of Biograph Viewer windows.
  • A new output deadRxns added to return a list of dead reactions.
  • FVA included for dead reactions identification and marking by red.
  • Task start time, end time and total time notifications added.
  • Exchange reactions are marked by diamonds.

Older versions



The installation of the extension consists of unpacking the archived scripts (M files) to desired location and setting a path to these files in MATLAB.

The Paint4Net is tested on several versions of MATLAB and it works starting from versions of 2009.

Required additional software