Paint4Net (Paint for Network) is an open source (under the GPL v3 license) the COBRA Toolbox extension for visualization of constraints-based reconstruction and analysis (COBRA) models and reconstructions in the MATLAB environment starting from releases of 2009.

The Paint4Net uses the Bioinformatics toolbox to visualize COBRA models and reconstructions as a hypergraph.

The COBRA Toolbox 2.0 and the Bioinformatics toolbox must be installed on the machine as well. (see detailed installation instructions here)

The Paint4Net representations of networks can be used for stoichiometric analysis or/and debugging of a model:

  1. detection of isolated reactions
  2. connectivity of high flux clusters of reactions
  3. directionality of reactions
  4. detection of cycles
  5. detection of dead ends
  6. etc.


The first version of Paint4Net was released on 18.10.2011.

The latest version of Paint4Net is available here.

Paint4net is developed with funding sources of a project of European Structural Fund Nr. 2009/0207/1DP/ "Latvian Interdisciplinary Interuniversity Scientific Group of Systems Biology"