ConvAn was developed in C# programming language. ConvAn and other necessary files can be downloaded from the list below. ConvAn versioning consider two part notation, where the first part represent important new functionality and the second part represent some small changes and improvements of already existing functionality. ConvAn versioning starts from version 1.0.

Latest version

Release date 28.05.2012. Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

  • Discretization and statistical calculation report file creation function added.
  • The function for stepwise representation of graphs added.
  • Data load functionality improved.

Older versions


User manual


Required additional software


Installation process consists of few steps:

  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express R2 Compact Edition version 3.5 or PostgreSQL in case of Windows OS or PostgreSQL in case of other platforms. (Settings for PostgreSQL: Port=5432; User Id=postgres; Password=postgres; SSL=true; SslMode=Prefer; Database=ConvAn_db)
  2. In case of Windows OS check if you have already installed .NET Framework v4.0 on your machine by executing .NET Framework file. As a result operating system will start installation process or notify that .NET Framework is already installed on your machine.
  3. ConvAn works with point decimal separator that means that user must check if decimal separator is point not coma. On Windows machines it can be done under Start --> Control Panel --> Region and Language where in Formats tab under button Additional settings... is located Decimal Symbol: input field.
  4. Extract ConvAn archive on your machine and you can freely start using ConvAn by running ConvAn vx.x.exe located in extracted folder in case of Windows OS, but on other platforms ConvAn can be run on the open source Mono Framework.

IMPORTANT! Do not delete any file in extracted folder, because they all are used by ConvAn.