ConvAn (Convergence Analysis) is a novel software tool that helps user in friendly GUI to gather, compere, analyze and make prediction about optimization behavior in statistical way based on previously obtained results of optimization runs.

ConvAn also advices the best method from internal data base for particular model parameter set, that can save time and effort by optimizing model in the most efficient way.

ConvAn is developed in C# programming language. ConvAn has versions to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or PostgreSQL database system. ConvAn works on machines running Windows XP operating system or higher and Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0, however it is possible to run ConvAn in other OS by using the open source Mono Framework.

The first version of ConvAn was released on 25.05.2011.

The latest version of ConvAn is available here.

CovnAn is developed with funding sources of of a project of European Structural Fund Nr. 2009/0207/1DP/ "Latvian Interdisciplinary Interuniversity Scientific Group of Systems Biology"

Screenshot from ConvAn

ConvAn picture