Biochemical Network Structure Analyzer is a software tool for evolution modeling of biochemical network structure with connected underlying genome, applying different types of mutation operators (gene mutations such as point, missense, silence and nonsense mutations, nucleotide inversion, chromosomal mutations such as duplication, deletion, inversion and translocation). BINESA tool allows to create network structure models and to import existing SBML models and structure data from GML files. BINESA tool is created in MS Access starting from releases of 2007 and includes data base to store data of genomes and structures and interface for stored data manipulation and modeling.

BINESA software can be used for:

  • Network structure evolution modeling
  • Network structure topological parameter evaluation and graphical representation
  • Motifs (oriented cycles) finding
  • Comparison of two structures
  • Network structure verification

BINESA allows exporting of network structure data in SBML model and saving in GML and GV file formats, performs structure visualization in PNG file, performs structure topological analysis, local topological parameter graphical visualization and exporting of topological analysis results in text file format for further processing, illustration and research.

The MS Access and GraphViz must be installed on the user computer.

The first version of BINESA suitable for small network models was released on 28.12.2012.



(Last update: 27 Dec 2013)