The aim of the cooperation is the development of Nordic-Baltic-Russian network in the bioinformatics field, to promote higher education study courses or programs for MSc students.

Its proposed effect is the development of 2-years joint MSc programme and related research based at the Latvia University of Agriculture in the field of bioinformatics.

Sub-projects are:

1. Distance learning and university courses in Bioinformatics field:
- Preparation of 3 MSc distance learning courses: Biology, Biological data analysis and Bioinformatics;
- Arrangement of 3 short intensive Biology, Biological data analysis and Bioinformatics MSc courses in the Baltic countries;
- Arrangement of joint seminars on curricullum development questions, distance learning methods and other relevant issues.
2. To involve the academicians who are responsible for teaching and research in bioinformatics field from Russia universities;
3. Developing 2 years joint MSc study program in Bioinformatics according to the students previous background in biology and Information technologies sciences;
- The joint MSc study program development depending on the Baltic-Russian partner universitites contribution
- The development of joint study program legalization for Baltic - Russian countries
- Organization of student mobility between BOVA member universities.
The Nordplus Neighbour grant will be necessary to
- provide travel support Nordic-Baltic-Russian teachers for network meetings in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Russia and Norway.
- cover costs of study tours to Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia for students and teachers from partner universities.