(FP7 ERA-net ERASynBio funded project)

A major goal of plant synthetic biology is to create smart plants that are able to respond to key cues and display a variety of agronomically valuable traits such as enhanced stress resilience or the biosynthesis of high value compounds. The objectives of the SmartPlants consortium coordinated by Prof. Alain Tissier are to develop parallel regulatory networks (PaRNets) that are based on cues that plants normally encounter in their growth cycle and to translate these into metabolic engineering-based outputs to produce high value or stress-protecting compounds. Both the regulatory network and the metabolic engineering optimisation procedures will be assisted by modelling in iterative rounds.

The project is coordinated by Leibnitz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle (Saale), Germany (Prof. Alain Tissier, coordinator) and the third participant is Sainsbury Laboratory at University of Cambridge (Philip Wigge).

Egils Stalidzans, Agris Pentjuss, Atis Elsts, Vitalijs Komasilovs, Natlja Bulipopa, Katrina Daila Neiburga participate from our group. This was the final project call of ERASynBio project.