Metabolic Pathway Analysis conference from Bozeman (USA) this year, comes to Latvia in 2019

 Montana State University is located at the world famous Yellowstone national park and fortunately specific microorganisms live and are studied there. That was a wonderful reason to visit the park and the variety of colors created by microorganisms in thermal waters was truly surprising. Also multicellular organisms like bisons and elks could be observed where the water was not that hot.

Egils Stalidzans was very happy to meet for the first time Cong Trinh and Friedrich Srienc, the authors of articles about improvement of E.coli strains. Those articles have been frequently demonstrated by Egils Stalidzans as success stories of model based design.

During the meeting the organizing committee was discussing the location of next event in 2019. Egils Stalidzans confirmed willingness of Latvia to organize the event in Riga in 2019 and the proposal was accepted.

LEANPROT project comes to Riga for a meeting

The project LEANPROT (Systems biology platform for the creation of lean-proteome Escherichia coli strains) with collaborators from Latvia, Estonia, Norway and Germany. German, Norwegian and Estonian partners were reporting about the progress in the experimental part, including the installation and programming process of laboratory robots. The progress of project was discussed also in terms of the development of SiliCon software platform to interconnect several modeling approaches creating additional design constraints.

We organise COST action CHARME meeting

30 persons from European countries met in Riga 29-th May 2017 for a preparatory group meeting of COST action CHARME (Harmonising standardisation strategies to increase efficiency and competitiveness of European life-science research). One of the important outcomes was discovery that the logo of CHARME is used in the design of the railroad bridge over the river Daugava. That could be nicely observed from the room 702 of our new building in Jelgavas iela 1.

Management Comity Meeting and Workshop in Split in September of this year were the main issue of the meeting. Activities for “International day of standards” were discussed as well.

For many visitors this has been their first trip to Latvia and the weather was very supportive to explore Riga.

SMARTPLANTS visit University of Cambridge

Consortia meeting of SMARTPLANTS project took place at Sainsbury laboratories of University of Cambridge. Egils Stalidzans, Agris Pentjuss and Vitalijs Komasilovs were representing Latvian side. The laboratory building is located at one side of Botanic Garden of Cambridge. The garden is lively and green in the sunny day of February 16-th.

The modern laboratory building is far from being traditional or conservative. Open view on laboratories through a glass wall as well as a row of open discussion spaces are some of laboratory features.

During the meeting it was decided to organize a conference on synthetic biology topic in April 2018.

LEANPROT partners establish collaboration with robots

During he project meeting in Berlin partners were acquainted with new colleagues – two robots that can automatically perform high number of parallel fermentations, collect samples and make analysis. The robots can be controlled remotely and several persons can follow measurements.

One of important decisions during Berlin meeting was to have the next meeting at our Institute in June 2017. The frequency of meetings will increase because of the growing amount of data and necessity to collaborate more intensively.

OpenMultiMed COST action shapes the future in Porto

A Management Comitee meeting and educational course on Systems Medicine took place in Porto 20.-24. February. Latvia was represented by three persons: two Management Comitee members Egils Stalidzans and Juris Viksna (computational faculty) and doctoral student Ivars Silamikelis from Latvian Biomedical Research Centre.

Among other issues it was decided to organize OpenMultiMed Training School on Systems Medicine topics in August or September of 2017 in Riga.