Jurijs Meitalovs becomes Dr.sc.ing.

 22-nd October 2015 the member of Biosystems Group of Latvia University of Agriculture Jurijs Meitalovs defended his doctoral theses (supervisior Egils Stalidzans). Title of theses: "The use of stoichiometric models for metabolic engineering solution space automated analysis". Software SAnalyzer was the main tool developed and presented.



The kick-off meeting of SMARTPLANTS in Halle

 The project "Control of Engineered Metabolism by Flowering and Temperature Triggered Plant Regulatory Networks" (SMARTPLANTS) is funded under ERA-net ERASynBioDespite the project start 17-th August 2015, the kick-off meeting took place just 5-th November 2015 at coordinators premises in Leibnitz Institute of Plant Biochemistry in Halle, Germany. We analysed the progress in different laboratory and computational activities to draw an appropriate plan for future activities.

ERASynBIo 2-nd call supports the project SMARTPLANTS

The project named "Control of engineered metabolism by flowering and temperature triggered plant regulatory networks" submitted by Biosystems group and  Leibniz-Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle (Saale), Germany (Prof. Alain Tissier, coordinator) and Sainsbury Laboratory at University of Cambridge (Philip Wigge). This three years project is expected to start in July 2015. Agris Pentjušs and Egils Stalidzans are the main executors at Latvian side. This was the final project call of ERASynBio project.

Biosystems group members start a new group at the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Since August 2014 Egils Stalidzans, Agris Pentjuss, Martins Mednis and Ivars Mozga became senior researchers in microbiology at Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Latvia. Our members are working at two different biotechnology related projects. There are good future perspectives to develop further collaboration in national and international projects. The decision to establish Computational Systems Biology group was made 16-th February 2015 by Uldis Kalnenieks, Agris Pentjuss and Egils Stalidzans. Information about the new group was introduced into the website of the institute. 

Avicenna (in silico clinical trials) project meeting in Brussels

Fourth meeting of Avicenna consortia took place in Brussels 19-th and 20-th February 2015.

50 participants attended the fourth Avicenna event, identifying and discussing the challenges faced by in silico clinical trials and taking on responsibility for authorship and editing of the various sections of the Roadmap. 

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