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Doctoral course Computational methods of Systems Biology in Latvia University of Agriculture 03.-07. November 2008{

Intention of the course is to strengthen the interdisciplinary approach in research activities giving an overview about recent rapid developments in the branch of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.

The course concentrates on the field where interaction of different scientists is necessary: data interpretation, statistical analysis and modelling thus giving accent on the computational (in silico) part of Systems Biology and related branches. We are very thankful to the lecturers PhD Ion Petre, Academy of Finland, Turku, Finland and Dr. boil. Nils Rostoks, University of Latvia. Teaching sample of Ion Petre (monomers, dimers, trimers) has become popular and is widely used after his kind permission.

Summer school Systems Biology for medical Applications 30 10 2008 Tenerife Spain

The summer school „Systems Biology for medical applications” was held at Costa Adeje on the island of Tenerife.

This time the school was organized in southern part of the island compared to the school of 2006. So we (Ivars Mozga, Valters Brusbardis and Egils Stalidzans) could discover the beauty of southern part of island. This event was connected to MOSBIO Project as the organizer of the school was the University of Rostock. Videos of the speakers are stored on the MOSBIO website www.mosbio.eu. Sport activities were not forgotten continuing the Tenerife traditions of 2006. There we discovered the game of squash that was intensively continued in Jelgava after our return home.

The 2-nd meeting of MOSBIO Project in Latvia University of Agriculture 10.-12. April 2008

The meeting was organized as a satelite event of the conference „Applied Information and Communication Technology 2008” (AICT 2008).

Biosystems group welcomed guests from Estonia, Spain and Finland. For the first time we one of conference sessions was devoted to Systems biology and Biotechnology.

Technology parks and business related exchange trip to Scottland

End of January 2008 a group of persons from Latvia University of Agriculture that are involved or interested in research related business were invited to Edinburgh, Scottland to get acquqinted with their experience.

We have visited many famous places and have learned about the attitude of scientists, investors and government. Egils Stalidzans from Biosystems group has participated in the trip.

The kick off meeting of MOSBIO Project in Rostock Germany 18 January 2008

{gallery}2008 The kick off meeting of MOSBIO Project in Rostock Germany 18 January 2008{/gallery} After signing of all contracts when travel costs became elligible and timing was arranged so that all Project partners finally could see eachother. Latvia University of Agriculture was represented by Laura Lagzdiņa, Ivars Mozga and Egils Stalidzans.

It was agreed with prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer that Ivars Mozga will go to Rostock for ERASMUS exchange studies for one semester. We visited also the old and beautiful old port city Warnemuende.