The week 28. Nov - 4. Dec was spent in Iceland. Work week began with the Korean Zymomonas mobilis metabolic model analysis. In consultation with colleagues in Latvian the model bottleneck localization was made. The model first level debugging was carried out.

With the help of Iceland University Systems Biology experts metabolites mass and charge balancing was conducted. Icelandic COBRA toolbox latest addition "Reconstruction tool" was viewed. When you create a computer model of organism metabolism much time is spent searching through inernet databases metabolites chemical formulas (neutral and charger). Often, information on metabolites and enzymes are fragmented and not available in one or two databases. However, there is no single database that contains information about all metabolites. Furthermore, if metabolite is in the paricular database, there is no guarantee, that information is complete. It was quite usual situation that there was no charge awailable in a database - only visual structure. Often are occasions when a specific metabolite has no information. In such cases, experience of foreign colleagues in metabolic modeling is very useful.

Jena Life Science Forum 22.-27.August 2010 Jena Germany

Following the success of Jena Life Science Forum 2009 another event under title “Mollecular Language of Life” was organized in 2010. The aim is to confront scientists of very different discipline to analyze the possibility to extract more knowledge from the known facts about life and look for possible links with human languages.

Bioogists, information technologists, linguists, philosophers, roboticians and others took part in the forum. After kind invitation of prof. Stefan Schuster from The University of Jena Egils Stalidzans participated with a talk on the event. The main topic of the talk was the joint work with Tatjana Rubina on evolution of networks.


BIOTECHNICA, Europe's most important exhibition and conference event for biotechnology and life sciences. This unique forum for dialogue among exhibitors, potential customers and scientists from Germany and worldwide, provides an ideal platform for your latest developments, innovations, research results and products.

The clear focus placed on applied biotechnology, laboratory equipment, services and technology transfer has made BIOTECHNICA the leading summit for biotechnology. The hottest inovations on the exhibition were biosensors with movement, world's first iPad application for online bioreactor control, reliable detection of cervical cancer, optical density measurement using camera and a new real-time PCR system used in molecular diagnostics to test for DNA and RNA. Latvian Systems Biology group was represented by 4 participants (Egils Stalidzāns, Mārtiņš Mednis, Jurijs Meitalovs and Sandis Viļums).