BIOSS Practical Synthetic Biology course at Weber group in Freiburg

A great very intensive course was held 12.-21. March 2012 in Freiburg University covering many aspects of synthetic biology and demonstrating the research advances at the University of Freiburg. That was a real 12 hours per day course. Funny that modeling was not touched in the course concentrating of very wet part. That was even more attractive for in silico guys like Jurijs Meitalovs and Egils Stalidzans.

ISGSB meeting in Ameland

 The International Study Group of Systems Biology (ISGSB) organizes biannual workshops where new developments in systems biology research are discussed between PIs, postdocs and PhD students. The Study Group is specialized in the ‘bottom-up’ branch of Systems Biology, which concerns the detailed molecular mechanisms that lead to emergent biological properties. New developments in technology and modelling, however, bring the genome-wide top-down approach ever closer to the bottom-up approach. The ISGSB stimulates intensive interaction between the different approaches to systems biology.

The meeting of 2012 was held 25-28.09.2012. in Ameland, the Netherlands.

NEW scientific journal "Biosystems and Information Technology"

 Members of the project together with company TIBIT have started preparation of a scientific journal "Biosystems and Information Technology" (

The electronic open access journal publishes articles free of charge for the author. The editorial board has members from different European countries. Be among the first authors of the journal! The first full issue will be published in November 2012. The first article is already online!

Visiting the group of Sven Sahle at BIOQUANT of the University of Heidelberg, Germany

 In May 2012 Jurijs Sulins and Egils Stalidzans went to the beautiful Heidelberg to meet one of groups at BIOQUANT which are involved in the development of COPASI software.

Our main aim was to start the cooperation in the development of COPASI compatible toolboxes for different optimization tasks. We had interesting discussions with Sven Sahle, Ralf Gauges and Katrin Huebner. Sven and Katrin will visit Latvia for the ERASMUS IP course on modelling!