ERASynBio school "Open Plant 2014"


The member of Biosystems Group Agris Pentjuss participated in the Summer School of ERASynBio "Open PLant 2014" at John Innes Centre 14.-20. September 2014. Intenisve hands on wet lab course was useful for Agris to get the feeling of laboratory. Similar treatment had Egils Stalidzans and Jurijs Meitalovs ina Synthetic Biology course in Freiburg, Spring of 2012!  

ISGSB meets in Durham (1.-5.09.2014)


International Study Group on Systems Biology (ISGSB) meets each second year to have some research and good time giving opportunities also to the young scientists to present their research. Egils Stalidzans represented Latvia the first time in Ameland (Netherlands) in 2012.

Oral presentation (ModeRator software) and a poster (modeling of Zymomonas mobilis) is a very good opportunity for Latvian Systems Biology initiative to promote our achievements.   

Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology in Innsbruck, March 2014

The great FEBS course series have been continued now without FEBS financial support. Main sponsors were, BMBF and ERASysAPP. Fortunately the organisers team stayed the same both for technical and scientific issues. Egils Stalidzans has participated now in four out of five courses. This time in the technical support team as support from ERASysAPP project. Unfortunately there were no other participants from Latvia.

Summer camp of Association of Latvian Young scientists

8-10 August 2014 the fifth summer camp will take place in Ledurga surroundings. There are two options of participation: you may stay just for the conference part 9-th August held in Ledurga center in the house of Culture or you can arrive 8-th August and stay till 10-th August in a tent camp to enjoy also open air research and sports adventures.

The program of 2014 camp contains a number of interesting speakers. The overview of the camp of 2013 gives the feeling of the event.


ERASysAPP meeting in Bukarest

The 6-th executive board meeting of ERASysAPP project took place in the capital of Romania Bukarest 20.-22. May 2014. The first part of meeting dealt with the evaluation of projects of the first project call of ERASysAPP. The second part was devoted to the overview of progress of the project generally. Egils Stalidzans was representing Latvian Academy of Sciences in this meeting.